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5 TIPS to speed up your SIA licence application

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Outlined  below  are  some  tips which  could  save  you time  if  you are about to apply for your licence. You will observe that  all that is required is preparation

I.      Identify    the   person  who  you  require   to  counter  sign  your  application  form  as  early  as  possible.  We often  observe  that  applicants  have not  got  a person in mind  to counter sign their application forms  and  do not  know the requirements for  a person to be a counter signatory . The  requirements  are   outlined  below,  the  counter signatory  must

  • Be a   British passport holder
  • Be  over   18
  • not be  related  to you

Get  your  counter signatory    on board  early   and

arrange  a  day  for   him/her   to  countersign   as

soon  as  you  receive  your  application  form and


II.      Most  people waste  time  by  waiting  for  their  certificate before  calling  for  an application  form.

Call   the  SIA  for   an   application   form  before  you  require  it   they   will  take  your  details  and  send  you  an  application  form  normally  within  5  working  days ( there  is  no cost  to obtain an application form)

III.    Send the right documents for your licence application. Do not send in your passport as a  form of  identification  if  you  are  planning  a   holiday  within   two   months  of   your application as  there may  be unforeseen delays  and  in   order  for  the  SIA    to  return   would  mean  that  your  application    would  have  to  cease

The  best  advice in this circumstance is to send in your driver’s licence  if you  are  in this position.


IV.      Pay  by  credit/debit  card    as   processing  of  your  application   does   not  begin   until   the  SIA   receive  cleared   funds  and   in  the  case   of  a  cheque  this  could   add    4-7   working   days    to   the  delay

V. Make  sure  your  photography  meets  the requirements  see the  SIA requirement on  photographs.

The  most  common  breaches  we  see  are  people  supplying  photographs that  are  5-10 years  old  and  hence not a true likeness in most cases , photographs where the person is wearing  headgear  or  sunglasses  and  finally  taking  photographs  with a  coloured background

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