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Where to send your SIA application form

Where to send your SIA application form So one of the questions we are always asked is where to send your SIA application form. If you ordered your application form from the SIA then you will have an individual application pack and within that is a self-addressed envelope to the SIA. If for whatever reason [...]

SIA id requirements

In order to under take the exams on your SIA security training courses you will need to provide documentation to confirm your identity and your address. Regardless of your training provider this will always be the case. It is also worth noting that you will also require these proofs of identity when applying for your [...]

5 TIPS to speed up your SIA licence application

Outlined  below  are  some  tips which  could  save  you time  if  you are about to apply for your licence. You will observe that  all that is required is preparation I.      Identify    the   person  who  you  require   to  counter  sign  your  application  form  as  early  as  possible.  We often  observe  that  applicants  have not  got  a [...]

SIA Licensing Procedure

The   procedure  for  licensing  is outlined as briefly as possible  for  you below All applicants  must  be  over the  age  of 18 1.  Complete a SIA  recognised  qualification  usually a  4  day  course 2.  Once   you   have   completed  all units   of  your  chosen  course  you  can  complete your application form. 3.  Return the  completed application  [...]

5 Common reasons for returned SIA application forms

5  COMMON   REASONS    FOR   RETURNED    APPLICATIONS Below are  common  reasons which we see that  will cause  your  SECURITY INDUSTRY AUTHORITY  application  returned without  your  application being processed 1. CANDIDATES   HAVE    NOT   SUBMITTED   ALL THE  REQUIRED  SUPPORTING   DOCUMENTS :- The  SIA   must  have  your  proof   of  address  and   photographic  identification This is  now becoming  a standard  [...]