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G4S Olympic Security Fiasco

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The Worlds largest Security Firm In disarray

Fiasco Chaos, Crisis, Farce are just a few the adjectives used to describe the reality of the Olympic security plans, now that G4S have now confirmed that they will not be able to supply the security staff they have been contracted to supply for the Olympic games.

Given that we have a higher level of unemployment than could have been imagined on the 6th of July 2005 when London won the right to host the 2012 Olympics; the question is how have G4S not managed to find the required manpower?

Security and in this case Olympic security could not gave been a bigger concerned than on the day after London won the games. For many Londoners the Joy of winning our Olympic bid was horribly cut short by the event of the 7th of July. 7/7 as it is sometimes referred to. On that basis only, a fiasco might generous understatement of what has happened.

Can One Organisation Supply Extra 10000 Security Guards?

On the other hand it is possible to see the point that G4S have made earlier in the year that it was difficult to recruit staff in say 2010 or 2011 for July 2012. But then you read the stories in the media now and you have to wonder could this have been handled better. Could 1 single company really have handled the supply of security for the whole of the games? I say this because clearly everywhere around London is going to be busier. I was at Westfields Stratford last week and it was extra busy. Every store ought to have their own security because of the volume of footfall that will be passing through Westfields during the Olympic games and I expect plenty of experienced security guards to look at these other more suitable options now that it is clear what the scale of the short fall will be.

The Facts About The Olympic Security Work Force

Look on twitter now and there is so much tweets that you have to wonder how this has not come to light earlier that there is going to be a huge shortfall. It is now so bad that comedy is being made of the situation.

So what can we say is facts?

1.       There is a shortfall of security guards and door supervisors for the Olympics

2.       G4S have been overwhelmed by the size of the task.

3.       The government has now stepped in with the army and the police

From all that we read and hear now, it is clear G4S underestimated the size of the task and were never fully staffed and crucially never organised. We will hopefully understand better after the Olympics games

Olympic Security Training Is Not Up To Scratch

There are of course much more that can be said about this and the failure of G4S to supply trained and licensed security guards for the 2012 Olympic games and you can read some of the views on my earlier post with regards to the findings of Lee Hazeldean. With regards to the standard of training or you can read The Guardian article where individuals tell their story. An ex-policeman described the process as “an utter farce”. The Process being the “recruitment and training” of security staff. In The Sun they highlight rookies with no experience receiving 2 days training and being expected to be able to operate specialist equipment. Recruits not being fully vetted and more details are revealed in the article.

What Kind Of Olympic Security Is This?

Truly is a huge task for any one company and ultimately hindsight is a wonderful thing. Although hindsight was not really needed here, in this crisis the question will ultimately fall on the organisation and preparation deployed for such a massive assignment. As I stated earlier it might be the case that this was just too big a contract for G4S. However in reality G4$ is a FTSE 100 company and surely they have the financial resources to make this happen smoothly. The Olympic security service provided by G4S guards is likely to further embarrass G4S going into the future.

All the talk was about could the UK build the Olympic venues on time and on budget. Who would have thought putting together a workforce of 10000 security staff to provide the security required for the Olympics could go so wrong.

Why do you think G4S got this so badly wrong?

I specifically provided Olympic security Training as reported earlier and tomorrow I will talk about the thousands of trained guards who wanted to work at the Olympics

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