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G4S Staff Shortfall And Security Training

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G4S will not have enough security staff at the Olympic games and there will no doubt be absenteeism of security staff that have been hired. The fact is there are thousands of individuals who have been trained and have applied to work at the games. G4S have not contacted them in a timely manner, I know because I have trained some of them.

Many of these guards have undertaken the security training required specifically for the Olympic games. The one thing that cannot change is the start date for the Olympics. Come the 27th July the Olympics will start and G4S will have dropped the ball!

Problems And More Problems

Transport for London will no doubt have a problem on their hands. In 1994 I was in Atlanta and they had just opened up their metro (for the 1996 games) it is called the MARTA and they had all sorts of travel problems at the Atlanta games. However you can’t even compare MARTA to the tube network. The tube will ultimately only cause delays in Londoners journey times. To be fair, America is a place where you drive so it is not the best comparison and leading up to Beijing 2008 the Chinese government had to alternate days when drivers would be allowed to drive their own cars. So there is a history of travel concerns.

However none of this can compare to the potential fallout as result of G4S revealing very late in the day that they are not going to have enough staff. Clearly G4S are now going to speed up their process of recruitment. Will G4S be cutting corners? Security is ultimately about ensuring that people and property are safe and secure. What could be more important?

The Problem With Basic Security Training

I believe that you will hear about even more staff not turning up to work. This will put further pressure on the staff that are working. Security guards will end up working too many hours to be effective in their roles.

I expect that once there is a forensic examination of all what actually happens we will find that too many of the security guards were simply not experienced enough. In team sports we see that you need a good balance of experienced and new staff. As it stands the majority of experienced security operatives are opting to stay at home or work elsewhere. The result will be the blind leading the blind. As a result mistakes will happen.

  • Huge queues to get into venues could result.
  • Inconsistent application of guidelines will follow.
  • Security guards unsure of how to deal with abusive or aggressive staff.

Off course there are many that believe that experience is not necessary provided that there is adequate security training.

The Ready Made Security Resource

The fact is the Security training is just a start and experience is the only way to truly prepare security guards for dealing with spectators and the public in general. There is a ready made team of guards that provide security at football and rugby matches up and down the country 9 months of the year, how many of them are working at the games? I could go on about the resources that appear to have been missed or not engaged.

Inadequate Security Training

Reports in the media (See the undercover G4S officer’s claim about the security training in my earlier post click here) about the number of security guards who cannot communicate clearly is shocking. Even taking the statement further if this is not an exaggeration then surely you have to ask how these individuals got through the Security training and the interview process. I mean at the interview stage you have to communicate with the applicant!

I am hoping the staff get paid on time because if they are not; we can expect even less to turn up for work for the paralympics and even possibly for the latter days of the actual Olympic games

If you are one of those who have not heard back from G4S tell me how you feel hearing that job that you applied for is going to be done by the army now

So if you are looking for work within the security industry right now, what should you do? Well there is no perfect answer here. I have had 3 people using the contact form to ask for our assistant and I am going to repeat the general advice that I provide.

The Best Opportunity To Make Use Of Your Security Training

The Olympics is going to be the best opportunity to get work within the security industry if you are a new starter to the industry. It was clear to me that there would never be enough security guards for the games. In fact I am already hearing stories of people being signed up to work 40 hours per week and now they have been told it will be 60 hours. Some people are like that is great and others are withdrawing completely.

How To Make Use Of Your SIA License

Now if G4S are overwhelmed then sending an email is not going to work with less than 1 week to the Olympics. I often teach my learners to let the phone do the work. However I would now take a look for other security companies if you wish to make use of you security training and your SIA badge, as they will be having opportunities. I have personally recommend some companies where candidates have successfully found employment and some of this work will be at the Olympics or because of the number of the visitors travelling to the UK or London specifically.

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