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I Have A SIA security guarding Licence – Now What?

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Many learners complete their security course and then ask questions about what next? A question often asked is what can I use the SIA Security Guarding license for? If you have asked yourself this question or if you have asked yourself can I find work once I have completed the security guarding training; then read on

The security guarding SIA licence can be used to work in the majority of security assignments or jobs that are available in the UK. It is often easier to talk about what you cannot use the licence for first.

Where Can The SIA Security Guarding License Not Be Used?


The SIA Security Guarding License cannot be used for working in licensed premises by that I mean bars, clubs or pubs. There are other licensed premises where you may find that not having The security guarding license will not help for example in a theatre.

You also cannot use the SIA security guard license for collecting and delivering cash and valuables in transit and you cannot use the security guarding license to work as a CCTV operator working with public surveillance cameras.

Clearly the SIA security guarding license can not be used to work as a close protection officer.

These exceptions aside you can use the security guard license to provide security services wherever security services are required.  The problem that many have is they assume that security jobs only exist in offices and in shops. This is understandable as the majority of the roles that most people will see are security guards working in shops followed closely by security officers working in corporate offices.


3 Roles Applicable To SIA Security Guarding License?

 Below I outline 3 separate areas of employment that you can use your security license once you have your SIA badge.

Hotels – Now not all hotels have security guards, hence many individuals are not aware that hotels do indeed employ security guards. Often the guard is employed in the 4 star or 5 star hotels. Also it is normally a larger hotel. The role her is varied but the essence of the role is still to make sure that people and their property are safe.

Schools and Colleges – This is another place where you will see security guards employed. This is a role where great skill is required in the way you communicate with the students. Also a great deal of emphasis is placed on access control. It is normal especially in colleges to come across many individuals trying to gain access to the premises who are not authorised to gain access to the premises.

Hospitals – Today it is normal to see security guards working in hospitals. Most learners are always surprised in class when we talk about the possibility of working in a hospital as a security officer. The fact is security operatives, guards and cctv operators are needed for a number of reasons. Undertaking patrols assisting with conflicts in ward s and accident and emergency. The role of a security guard will be expanded on in a later post, where further discussion to the role of guards in the hospital will be provided.

To find out more about the SIA security guarding license visit the SIA website – Click Here

So there you have it 3 different sectors of the economy that need security guards. Go ahead and apply many learners have followed this advise and succeeded.In future articles I will talk about other security jobs that you can apply for once you have completed your security guarding course. I will also share information on what the door supervisor license can be used for.

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