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SIA Licensing Procedure

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The   procedure  for  licensing  is outlined as briefly as possible  for  you below

All applicants  must  be  over the  age  of 18

1.  Complete a SIA  recognised  qualification  usually a  4  day  course

2.  Once   you   have   completed  all units   of  your  chosen  course  you  can  complete your application form.

3.  Return the  completed application  form , include the  required   documents  along   with   £245.00

4.  The  SIA  will  then  process  the application   if   the  completed   accurately,

otherwise   the   application  will be   returned  for you to complete /supply   the  required  documents

5.   Given  that  you  have  the  right to work  and  do  not  have any  relevant  convictions  then  you  should  expect  your  LICENCE within  4-6  weeks.

You  will  receive  your  identity  documents approximately  2  weeks  after sending  them  to  the  SIA  and  you  should  expect a copy of your disclosure from the  criminal records bureau  in  4 weeks

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