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Peterborough Door Supervisor

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Door supervisor ordered to pay more than £7,000

A Peterborough door supervisor who has had his SIA license revoked, continued to work illegally and was taken to court on the 23rd May 2012. At Peterborough magistrates court the suspended door supervisor was named as Scott Lee Greensmith. 

Scott pleaded guilty to working without holding a valid door supervisor license, but pleaded not guilty to breaking the license conditions when he failed to return his revoked door supervisor license to the SIA.

The SIA Check Door Supervisor Licenses All Year Round

After inspections was carried out through out the UK in September 2011 Scott was found to be working illegally as a door supervisor. He had shown the SIA investigators a revoked door supervisors’ license. As a result he was found guilty of breaking the conditions under which his SIA license was issued. The judge stated that Scott had failed to demonstrated he had taken all the necessary to avoid breaking the conditions of his license.

This suggests that in his defence, Mr Greensmith; possibly explain a lack of awareness of the fact that his revoked door supervisor license needed to be returned to the SIA or that his door supervision license had been revoked.

Whatever the actual defence was the Judge sentenced Mr Greensmith to a 12 month community service order to undertake 120 hours of unpaid work, and was ordered to pay costs of £7,833.

Working Without A SIA License 

In this period of austerity, we can assume that Scott Greensmith was trying to earn a living or even extra income as a door supervisor, however from the sentence handed out (120 hours community service order) and as result of losing the case having to pay the costs of the prosecution, we can safely say that it is a risk not worth taking to work without a valid SIA license. Regardless of whether you are working as a door supervisor, security guard or CCTV operator. If you are working without a SIA license and you are caught the price you will pay is going to be a lot more than the cost of the license. In the case of Scott, he had his door supervisor license revoked, so it would appear he knew the risk he was taking.

Make no mistake about this, working  as a security operative without your SIA badge is a criminal offence and you can spend up to 6 months in prison and a fine up to £5000.

SIA Statement  On Door Supervisor Working Without Door Supervisor

Speaking on behalf of the SIA Mr N Salmon stated that Scott Greensmith was aware that his license had been revoked. As a result he had paid a high penalty.  He continued to say “I hope this sentence will act as a warning to others that in order to work as a door supervisor you must be correctly licensed and adhere to the license conditions at all times”.

Next week I will talk about an Individual who has worked as a door supervisor and been convicted of doing so illegally twice

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