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It is now mandatory to complete physical intervention training  to  work as a  door supervision. The question is what does this mean  for you as a door supervisor ??

Well; if you are already licensed as a door supervisor then there is not much for you  to do currently. However if you are planning to work as a door supervisor then you will have to undergo the  physical  intervention  program.

The purpose of this training is increasing the door supervisor’s awareness of the  risks of using force and to provide the door supervisor with a better understanding of using force lawfully. The idea is not to focus on techniques “moves” although all programs  will  have some techniques, which will be part  of their training. The idea should be that the learner (door supervisor)  would  have  an  idea  how  to  approach   threats  of  violence logically and to  be  able  to  counter these  threats lawfully. This  is  not  an easy skill to develop but never the less a skill that  all door supervisor should  aim  to improve over time

The training will differ from the training that has gone before by  virtue of the fact that learners will learn to use physical intervention skills all of  which will have  to be non restrictive and the learner will be  assessed on their physical skills(an exam if you like). This will hopefully  reduce the incidences where door  supervisors  are  prosecuted as a  result  of their  use  of  force. The advantage for the public will be that they will be less likely to be subjected to force and where force is used it will be more appropriate. Use of force should always be a last  resort  but very  often it is not used as  a last  resort  and  worse  still  the  use  of  force  is  excessive. All programs will have  been legally reviewed  and  medically reviewed, if learners find  themselves faced  with an aggressor then by following the training the door supervisor should reduce the need for  force and ensure their  own safety. The  key  here  is  that this is a new skill being  added to the training of  door supervisors. As with any skill practise will be needed to be proficient. For  those  that do practise and  improve  their  skills there will be  less injuries resulting from  their use of force.

The  most  important fact to focus  on is  the law on  the use of force. This will be mentioned in various ways and at different modules of  the door supervisors course. This cannot be stressed too strongly, this is a key area of the training which has a practical impact on your daily duties as a door supervisor.

We will expand  on  other areas of the physical intervention training at a later stage

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