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Security Courses London

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London Security Courses


Security courses are run regularly in London, this article outlines why you need to undertake security courses and how to find security courses in your town or city. Our security courses are held in South London. We at Active Training Organisation run security courses monthly. The key for the learner is to ensure that the qualification will be recognised by the SIA.


Security courses offered


We offer 3 specific security courses all recognised by the SIA, you can see the video for security courses and more information. For dates of our security courses see our course dates page

Clearly not all learners are in London and therefore not all learners can use Active Training Organisation  for their security training so we will discuss how to find suitable security courses near you below


What happens if I do security courses that are not approved?


If you undertake security courses that are not approved, then any qualification or certificate you receive will not be recognised by the SIA. As a result you will not be able to obtain your SIA licence with such a qualification. Therefore the learner should make sure they are looking for SIA recognised security training centres, see below for a simple way to ensure you are undertaking the appropriate security training.



How to find approved Security courses?


To find an approved security courses in your area you can contact the SIA on 0844 892 1025 or visit the SIA website. Ultimately this is the best way to confirm that a training centre is offering security courses that are acceptable to the SIA.


Why you need to undertake security courses?


The short answer to why you need to complete the security courses is this meets the requirement of the SIA for you to have competence before you can apply successfully for a licence.


Who are the SIA?

The SIA are the regulators for the private security industry and the body that will ultimately recognise the qualification you receive for successfully completing your security training


Security courses

complete your security course to obtain your SIA licence

How much are your security courses?


Our security training prices start at £200.00 for our security guarding course, for a full list of the price of other security courses please call us on 0208 677 8899. we are open Monday to Friday  09.00- 17.00


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