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SIA Course in London

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SIA course in London

Our SIA courses are held in Streatham (South London) and if you are looking for a training centre, recognised to deliver nationally approved security qualifications then we can help.

Read further to find out how we assist you to take the right steps and succeed in the security industry to become an effective operative that security companies are seeking and hiring.

We assume here that you are aware of who the SIA are and why you need a SIA badge (SIA licence) if you are not then click on the link at the bottom of the page to the SIA courses page or go to the page how to become a security guard.

How Do We Help You?

Well we can help you to gain your SIA qualification, as an accredited training provider providing SIA courses; we will also help you through the licensing process to save you time and money by providing you with our tool kit for your success.

“Helping you to be successful in security”

With our proven track record in delivering SIA courses we have a clear system for your success, even if you do not like exams! We make it possible and easy to achieve your qualification, using constant revision and homework.

In the words of one of the clients:

The explanations of the study materials by the teacher was absolutely excellent

Mr F Igu

So as you would expect of any professional training provider we can guide you to success. However we do more than just deliver the training. Christian Asare, the lead trainer has personally provided training to over 4000 individuals since 2005, delivering training at places such as Lambeth College for 5 years along with providing in house security training for large security firms. Our collective experience gives us an insight into the challenges you will face after your SIA security training.

We can help you to plan an effective route into the security industry

Without doubt finding an approved training centre is key to you obtaining your SIA licence.

However our experience and the feedback of our learners (many of whom are new to the industry and Security) tells us that your biggest challenges actually start once you complete your security training. You then need to

  • Get your licence application form
  • Apply for Licence
  • Ensure that you have completed the application form correctly
  • Find Employment.

“With our help your success is nearer than you think”

We will help you with all of the above

To the right is our free report on the critical mistakes that learners make when choosing a training provider or undertaking security training. These mistakes are not what you might expect. For your free copy simply enter your email address and your name and read the report for yourself.

Mistakes are part of life

You need to avoid making a mistake when you select your SIA course provider, this is really critical. Yes that’s correct mistakes are part of life and in your genuine attempt to gain your SIA badge, it is likely that you could make any of these mistakes mentioned in the report and as a result this could cause you to

  • Lose Money
  • Waste Time
  • Fail Your Examination
  • Become Frustrated
  • Feel Despondent
  • Give Up
  • Fail To Find Employment


So go ahead grab your copy of the report by entering your name and email and this invaluable report will be yours. The key is to take action to avoid these mistakes.

Your SIA Licence Is Your Passport To Working Legally Within The security Industry

Security Guard SIA Licence”

The challenge you will have is finding an approved training centre that can help you through all of these hassles in order to give you the Best Advantage in your aim of working in security.

With us this will not be a challenge, merely the standard that we set ourselves to help make you a success.

We Will Help You To Plan An Effective Route To Employment

With our system we will assist you to

  • Save time
  • Make Money Quicker
  • Remove The Barriers
  • Gain Your Security Qualifications

If you are serious about working in the security industry then waste no time in ordering your copy of the 7 critical mistakes of security training ( just enter your name and email)

There are a variety of SIA security qualifications and we at Active Training Organisation deliver the 3 most common SIA security courses

These are working as a

Security Guard

Door Supervisor

CCTV Operators

The biggest problem beginners have is to identify the training required and to be sure that the training will meet the requirements of the SIA and then taking the next move.

Who Accredits Our SIA Course?

All our SIA courses are held in London, these SIA courses are all accredited by the NOCN. The National Open College Network (NOCN) is one of the lead awarding organisations offering SIA courses. The NOCN has been offering SIA courses since the beginning of the mandatory requirement to undertake an appropriate SIA course.


SIA course

With Active Training Organisation the SIA course are approved by the NOCN



What Do You Do Once You Complete Your SIA Course?

We will give you a clear blueprint on how to proceed once you have completed your SIA course

Why Should You Take Our SIA courses?

“ More than just your security training provider

  • Quite simply we are experts in training you to exceed the standards required for security training and more generally for the SIA course, helping you to stand out from your competition.
  • In addition to our experience, we know from our feedback and testimonials that our learners enjoy the security training environment.
  • They not only feel that the security training is pitched at the right level but also they have easy access to their security trainer and therefore not only do they learn what they need to pass their SIA course
  • They also learn clear strategies to find work after the completion of their SIA course. This is the key that is important in your SIA security training. What is your plan to finding employment?

“I thought Mr Asare was exceptional in his role, he had me fully prepared for the test. The training was thorough and I felt more than ready for the test. I would recommend this course to anyone.”

A review by Mr M. Saglam

To read more reviews and testimonials see our testimonials page.

Our SIA Course Guarantee To You

  • If you undertake our security course attending all the sessions on time
  • Do all the homework we give you then we guarantee that you will pass.
  • If you do not pass then you will be invited to retake any part or the entire course at no extra cost to you for re-sitting the security course.
  • Please note that you will have to pay for the external exams on any re-sit, this is included in the security course fees initially.

Once you have your certificate we will help you get you licence and use the opportunities available to gain employment within the security industry.

To find out more on how to become a security guard see the page how to become a security guard.

OUR SIA Course Is Not For Everyone

Yes that’s right our SIA courses are not for everyone, if you are looking for a cheap security course or even a free security course then we cannot help you. If however you are seeking not only excellent security training but also

  • A clear plan for your security training success
  • Assistance to get your SIA application form
  • Assistance to complete your SIA application form
  • Assistance on how to actually find employment
  • Ongoing Assistance following your security training
  • Experienced trainers who have also worked in the industry

Then we believe we are security training provider for you. So no matter how far you have to travel the value will always be seen in the ease with which you work you way through the process.

All of the above is easy to do, however equally it is even easier not to do it all or to do it wrongly. So if you want the advantage that we offer call book now or call us for more information.

Don’t just take our word for it see what our past learners say

What Other Questions Do You Have About SIA Training?

I have 2 questions for you if you have got this far down into the page

  1. What made you search today for information on the SIA courses and the need for the SIA licence?
  1. What Other Questions do you have that are not answered either here or in the website which could help you further into what you need to do to gain your SIA badge.

Use the contact us page to let us know and if you are seeking to undertake a SIA course with please let us know.

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