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Door Supervision

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The UNFAIR Advantage To Gain Your Door

Supervisor License In 7 Weeks


In 7 weeks you could have your door supervisor license and even a job as a door supervisor too, but FIRST

You Need your Door Supervisor qualification?


Are you looking for a reputable company to provide you with the training required to become a door supervisor?

Are you looking for work as a door supervisor?

Would you like to know how to find work within the security industry?

Would you like the Inside track to succeeding in finding work as a door supervisor?

Do You Want an edge to become a door supervisor?

If you answered yes then read on


Who is the door supervisor training for?

The door supervisor course is for any individual looking to work as a doorman(aka Bouncer) at either a bar, pub or club, however if you are looking to work as a security guard you will find that you can also work as a security guard with your door supervisors license.

This does not always mean it is better to do the door supervisor course but it is often worth considering the door supervisor qualification as it often provides you with more opportunities once you have the door supervisor license. You see there are cases where there may be the sale of alcohol on a premises and a door supervisor license is preferred  or the door super license is required.

For example if you are working at a theatre or cinema as a security strictly speaking you are security guard not a door supervisor. However if alcohol is sold it is likely you require the door supervisor license. Many learners are clear they do not want to work as a door supervisor but as you can see in this example you may need a door supervisor license. To find out if you should choose the door supervisor course call us for more information on the door supervisor course and the benefits of the door supervisor license

The Door Supervisor Challenge

With the door supervisor course as with other SIA security courses the biggest challenges most learners face is actually

The time is can take to go from doing the door supervisor course to actually having a door supervisor license

Understanding the SIA licensing process

Applying for the SIA licensing application form

Working out where to send the SIA application form

Some learners hate the examinations : the thought of being timed and put under pressure at the end of the door supervisor course

Working out a plan to find employment as a door supervisor

Most learners are not aware that the SIA door supervisor course is only the start. To become a door supervisor you need to get your license. To get your door supervisor license it will take 4-6 weeks at best. To get a job as a door supervisor you need to plan ahead otherwise you may spend 4-6 months and give up on the door supervisor job. There is more in the free report. If you follow our Door supervisor blueprint you can have your license and be working as a door supervisor in 7 weeks instead of 7 months


How can our Door Supervisor Training help?

The majority of learners actually have challenges with getting their SIA license because of the process they need to follow after they have their door supervisor qualification. You will see that we have a free report on the 7 critical mistakes of security training. What we have observed, apart from not selecting an approved door supervisor training provider. The learners( and your ) biggest challenge begins once they have to get their door supervisor certificate. As a result We provide you with your own licensing blueprint we will also apply for your license application on your behalf and during your course help you to complete the license application form and crucially check this for you to ensure your SIA license application is not returned because of incorrect or incomplete details.

During Your training we will also discuss how to find employment as a door supervisor  and look at the variety of security jobs out there and how best to get a position. You see it is not only about getting your door supervisor qualification. That part is easy if you follow the blue print and complete the revision provided.

In 2011 and early 2012 the trainer (Christian) has provided door supervisor training as part of the drive to train up 10,000 security operatives for the Olympics.  Even with the guarantee of an interview with G4S and in all likelihood a job to follow many learners have still found that it is a challenge to follow the process and for this reason along with our experience over the years we know that this is where the value is in the door supervisor training. So we have solutions for the door supervisors, solutions that save the potential door supervisor time. Solutions that stops the door supervisor from giving up



What will you get with our Door Supervisor course?

Our Door supervisor courses follow the national requirements as does all other approved security training provided

Included in your course fee you will have

1. Your door supervisor training handouts

2. Your own door supervisor Physical Intervention manual worth (£12.00)

3. A set of Revision questions for each unit of the door supervisor qualification

4. Your SIA application form

5. You SIA application form checked to ensure

6. A 20 minute consultation to identify routes into employment based on your goals either as a door supervisor or security guard

7. Home work for each section of the door supervisor qualification

8. Entry into all 4 exams of the Door Supervisor course

9. 1 day physical intervention training for door supervisors

10. After gaining your qualification you can return for our 1 day refresher training to further improve your intervention skills for free (£110.00 value)

11. The Active Training Organisation Guarantee (See below)


Our Door Supervisor Training is Not Cheap


Yes that’s right , we are not the cheapest at door supervisor training providers. At  £250.00 we offer excellent value and in fact this will be one of the examples where paying a few pounds extra will make you money.

· You will make money because of the time you will save avoiding mistakes.

· In some cases you will save you actual money at the start ( read the ,7 critical mistakes report)


The fact is you will consider how much does the door supervisor course cost and

If you are looking for a cheap door Supervisor training, this does not fit the bill. There is one fee for everyone. Included in the training are all your costs associated with your external examinations. 4 days of training (including your physical intervention training which if completed as a stand alone day course would cost £110.00).

What you will get with your door supervisor training is the insider’s route to success and employment cutting out all the hassle of mistakes, wasted time, early alerts to employment opportunities

You see the insider’s guide is the unfair advantage (in the audio book how to become a security guard ) we discuss why the inside track is an advantage and why you should look out for the advantage


Without that knowledge of security and the security industry you many well find that your door supervisor qualification is almost worthless. This is because we all feel that if we have the information we will be ok. But the fact is you need more than just information to succeed. The best way to find out is to work with someone who has been there and can show you the way. This is not to say that you can not do it yourself because most of our trainers did do it themselves and made some of the same mistakes BUT the did it and so can you.

The real question is Which route to becoming a door supervisor makes sense for you TODAY





You can either try and workout the blueprint to getting the door supervisor licensed and finding employment within the security industry yourself risking all the mistakes that new learners make or you can work with one of our trainers to get you to the position where you have taken the correct actions to working within the security industry.


Your Door Supervisor Training Guarantee


If you take one of our security training courses we offer this guarantee of your success in passing your qualification.

If you attend all the sessions on time for the duration of your door supervisor course and undertake to complete all the homework provided we guarantee that you will pass your exams.

If you then fail any or all the door supervisor exams we will provide you with a free re sit of any and all parts of the door supervisor course (sharing the risk with you and costing us £200+ pounds if you fail). You will only need to pay for the external door supervisor examination


Where Do We Hold Our Door Supervision Courses?

Our open door supervision courses are all held at our office in Streatham, South London

What is the next Step to become a door supervisor?


If you are ready to start your door supervisor course then here are the 2 things you need to do.


1. Call us to answer any other questions you have that we have not explained or use the contact us page if you prefer.

2. Download your copy of The 7 critical mistakes and start saving money now with the information you learn.


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For more information on door supervisors and the door supervisor course you can read our news page. Also read about door supervisor training providers who have had their accreditation withdrawn and the impact this has had on the door supervisors who have had their door supervisor license suspended. In fact one learner called us upset and disappointed.