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SIA | Security Jobs

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The purpose of undertaking the SIA security training is to get a security job.  Your SIA (Security Industry Authority) licence, this is also sometimes referred to as your SIA badge is the hurdle you must clear by completing your security training and applying for your licence. As obvious as this statement seems many, many people complete the training and do not know or do not apply for their licence and then some get their license and then fail to get a security job. At Active Training we have a procedure to help with your licence application and we have introduced a system for learner to take the next step into active employment.

With this licence you are then able to apply legally to work within the private security industry. Now from experience of delivering door supervision, security guarding and CCTV training courses to hundreds of people every year we find that people do not follow the procedure we outline leading to wasting of time or a delay in getting the licence and hence why we provide you with the application form and assist you to complete the form during our security training courses.

The next challenge that learner then find is in finding security jobs once they have their licence. Now some people do seemed to find employment instantly and others take far too long to find employment, so wee now include a free session during the course to tackle finding employment within the security industry.  So here in this article I will outline some of the security related jobs that require a SIA licence which you can look out for when looking at employment opportunities

With your licence you can work as:

A static officer

A retail officer

An in store detective (non uniformed / undercover)

Patrol officer for residential or corporate premises

Customer services / Security reception officer  – front of house officer

Concierge (depending on the nature of the role)

Special event security for events such as: festivals, exhibitions, premiers, and concerts Sports events, theatres, etc

Essentially you may find the above jobs listed as above or as security guard jobs or security guarding jobs or security officer jobs however the more specific you are with the type of job you are the more likely you will find a job that meets your needs.

Other security jobs include working as a

o       CCTV officers in any of the above roles or for the local Authority

o       Door supervisors at licensed premises.

Within all these examples of security jobs there are numerous places that you will see these exact roles on a daily basis and it should in fact be straightforward to find roles to suit your needs.

Within the London Area (where we deliver our training) there is over 100 security jobs advertised every week and there are many more that are not. (We know this to be true as some of our contacts within the security industry ask us on occasions if we know any licensed operatives who are available to work)  The Work Exchange also on occasions are able to help in this respect although it must be stated clearly here that we do not offer employment as part of our security training course.

You should create a plan to find the job that suits your requirements. Many learners on the security training are looking for a job that offers some flexibility. Whether these jobs are part time, night time, family friendly, full time, Shift orientated, 9-5 you will find that there are many roles that can accommodate your needs. Start by looking at the jobs in your local papers just to see the variety of security job opportunities and then work out what your needs and requirements are.  Your first step is to obtain the training and with Active Training Organisation we can help you with not only the training but also with your Job search, especially if you are looking for security jobs in London

Feel free to use the contact us form to find out more detail or give us a call Monday to Friday

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  1. Chris Wilson 28/06/2011 at 14:19 #

    Please could you tell me if there are any companies that deliver The BIIAB Level 2 Award in Door Supervision course or a similar course that is government / funded in the North West area of the UK? I have worked in security for over 10 years but have been made unemployed. I have been exempt from holding an SIA licence in my previous employment. At the moment I can’t afford to fund my own training and also pay for the SIA license as I only get job seekers allowance? Any information you could provide would be appreciated.

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