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Training Provider Suspensions

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Four London-based training providers can no longer provide SIA licence-linked training and over 300 learners have had their qualifications withdrawn along with any licences obtained. Due to a wide-scale investigation into training malpractice involving SIA investigators, the Metropolitan Police, awarding bodies (HABC, EDI, and Edexcel), the qualifications regulator Ofqual, and the UK Border Agency (UKBA).

Police on suspicion of fraud has arrested an individual, and the police and the UKBA are continuing to investigate various offences.

The training providers named are:

o       Divine College of Education and Training Ltd, Suite 215, Kemp House, 152-160 City Road, London EC1V. (Satellite Centres: Abbey Road, London E15, 8A Harleyford Street, London SE11 and 22 Deanery Road, London E15.)

o       Inter-Continental College, John Gilpin House, 867 High Road, London N17.

o       St Joseph’s College, West Wing, 1A Adelaide Road, London E10.

o       ME Training also located at West Wing, 1A Adelaide Road, London E10.

All have had their approval to provide SIA licence linked training withdrawn by their awarding bodies. Also police on suspicion of fraud has arrested an individual, and the police and the UKBA are continuing to investigate various offences.

What does this mean for learners?

Similar to the investigations into Tristar mentioned on the SIA website and also on this site any licence holders who obtained their qualification from any of the above training providers have a 90 day period following the suspension to gain a valid qualification, after which time their licence will be revoked.

Simply put any individuals who legitimately achieved the qualification can no longer legally work within security until they pass the qualification again. They also have a 3-month time limit to undertake their qualification again or face having their licence revoked. This a great shame for many learners who have followed the rules and have acted in good faith.

SIA Director of Compliance and Enforcement Dave Humphries said:

“Investigations into allegations of training malpractice are a key part of our compliance activity. In the interest of public protection it is vital that all operatives working in the security industry are properly trained to deal with the demands of their role”.

Active Training Organisation has a malpractice policy in place which are learners are advised about in the introduction to the course. The learner should be warned about the importance of choosing a reputable training provider as actions which occur long after the learner has gone can still have an impact on there ability to work legally.

To find out more about accredited training providers such as Active training Organisation you can contact the SIA ON 0844 892 1025

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